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Holland Organic Farms

Holland Organic Farms

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the highest quality, certified organic, blueberry for our customers by growing diversified varieties, each one deliciously sweet and wildly luscious.  Handpicked lovingly from our family to yours.

100% Organic

100% Natural

100% Delicious

Why We're Different

Holland Organic Farms blueberries are certified organic. Each blueberry is handpicked at its peak ripeness, ensuring that no blueberry is damaged, and that each blueberry has the sweetest taste possible. You can be assured that you are feeding your family healthy blueberries, with no harsh chemicals.  

Our Varieties

Holland Organic Farms has four different CERTIFIED ORGANIC blueberry varieties. The Draper variety, renown for its hardiness, firmness, and excellent post harvest color retention, the Ochlockonee variety which are large, deliciously sweet and bacteria resistant,  the Overtime variety known for their hand harvest, fresh market fruity flavor, and the Powderblue blueberry with their wonderfully sweet flavor.    

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